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Pac-It-Away Storage

19 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

2 Weeks Ago
"Marina and Jose, super nice and so helpful. New facility, AC. 10 stars..."
~Jeff Beall
2 Weeks Ago
"Excellent customer service! Jose and Marina actually pick up the phone when you call the office. They are friendly and willing to work with you to satisfy your needs. The facility is clean, dry, and very well maintained. Security is excellent with a keypad passcode to access the storage building and individual deadbolt locks on each unit."
~Alan Levis
1 Month Ago
"Great experience getting my storage unit here. Marina, at the front office, was a delight! She was very patient with me, taking me to view all the options, and helping me find discounts that would apply for me. The units are clean (new), the elevators are roomy. Highly recommend."
~Elaine King
1 Month Ago
"The facility is virtually brand new so it's well kept and clean, location is fantastic, and pricing is great. Marina was a wonderful help and made the process super simple!!"
1 Month Ago
"I have never experienced a storage business that is run so well: clean, affordable, good size options, safe, secure, excellent documentation, decent web site and great customer service (thank you Jose)."
~Selden K.
1 Month Ago
"Kettner Self Storage is a new self-storage provider (it has only been opened for 5 months). As an FYI, Google Maps has not updated its Street View of..."
~Ron D.
3 Months Ago
"The facility is new, well maintained, safe and clean. Loading and unloading zone is inside in a safe covered area. If it's raining nothing gets damaged. Lots of security cameras. Marina and Jose, in the office are wonderful and very helpful. Hours of access are great! We're so glad we found Kettner storage. Plus the rental rate is competitive. Ty"
3 Months Ago
"Very easy to sign up! Great location and very clean! I like the entrance is covered so you’re not unloading in the rain."
~Melissa Starling
3 Months Ago
"Great new place, clean, safe and environmentally controlled with security cameras in the hallways. Very friendly staff. Marina is a great help and a wonderful person. Thank you "
~Craig Johnson
4 Months Ago
"I had a great experience at Kettner Self Storage, and feel like the facility is safe, clean and easy to work with. It was easy to book an appointment to come see the property. I got a wonderful tour from Marina, who was very informative and ensured I understood all of the features and rules of the facility. I was in and out in about 45 minutes. The other people renting space from here seem very nice as well. They have dollies for you to use, and the facility seems fairly clean, compared to other facilities."
~Adam Ziegel